Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekly Progress Update

So, Ive decided to do a weekly update to keep track of my progress for my weight loss goal. I know that I usually use this as a food blog but, I feel as though eating healthy & fitness progress go hand in hand, if you're doing what I am. :]

Starting weight : 230.8lbs.
Weight as of 1/7/12 : 227lbs.
Progress: MINUS 3.8lbs!

Beginning measurements:
Waist : 41 inches.
Hips : 43.5 inches.
Torso : 43 inches.

Measurements as of 1/7/12:
Waist : 41 inches.
Hips : 44 inches.
Torso : 41.5 inches.

Progress : MINUS 1.5 inches in the torso, plus .5 inches in the hips.

I think maybe I measured incorrectly last week in my hips because it doesnt make sense that I gained .5 inch while my other progress shows loss. Not a discouragement, though.

All around, Im REALLY proud of myself! Id like to keep this going!

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