Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Resolution

Okay so, Im not usually one to make New Years Resolutions. I think that it's stupid to wait for the beginning of a new year to set a goal but, Ive been really derailed from my commitment to losing weight the past few weeks & Im rather disgusted with myself. So, starting today Im recommitting to eating healthy all the time. As in, Faturday ONCE A MONTH, not once a week. Im going to go to the gym 4 days a week & do my Jillian Michaels Kinect workout 3 days a week in addition.

So, starting weight as of January 1st is 230.8lbs. Measurements are as follows:

Waist : 41 inches.
Hips : 43.5 inches.
Torso : 43 inches.

My goal weight is 160. I dont have a goal for my measurements or size but, I know where Ill be happy when Im there.

If I keep this up for 6 months, I get my Rosie the Riveter tattoo.

Im so ready to rock this!

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