Saturday, January 21, 2012

Progress Report : Week #3

Weight last week : 225.2lbs.
Weight as of 1/21/12 : 224.2lbs.

Progress : Minus 1lb.
Total weight loss so far : 6.6lbs.

Measurements last week:
Waist : 40.8 inches.
Hips : 44 inches.
Torso : 41 inches.

Current measurements (as of 1/21/12):
Waist : 40.5 inches.
Hips : 43.5 inches.
Torso : 41 inches.

Progress : Minus .3 inches in my waist & .5 inches in my hips.
Total inch loss so far : 3 inches.

Despite the fact that it was only a pound lost this week, my measurements are really starting to do some of the talking. And this is also great because I missed one of my Jillian Michaels workouts this week. I also managed to maintain a healthy diet (giving myself last Saturday as my Faturday). And I truly think that that Faturday had a lot to do with the smaller amount of loss in pounds.

Regardless of any of this, Im still losing which is fantastic! I dont know that Ill make my goal of a 10lb loss by the end of the month but, Im still rocking & rolling &, to me, that's REALLY all that matters. :D

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