Saturday, January 28, 2012

Progress Report : Week #4

Weight last week : 224.2lbs.
Weight as of 1/21/12 : 222.4lbs.

Progress : Minus 1.8lb.
Total weight loss so far : 8.4lbs.

Measurements last week:
Waist : 40.5 inches.
Hips : 43.5 inches.
Torso : 41 inches.

Current measurements (as of 1/28/12):
Waist : 40 inches.
Hips : 43 inches.
Torso : 40.5 inches.

Progress : Minus .5 inches in my waist, .5 inches in my hips, & .5 inches in my torso.
Total inch loss so far : 4.5 inches.

Id call this a VERY successful week in my weight loss hustle. I had all around losses, didnt miss a workout, didnt cheat on my eating once. And all this with PMSing & being on my period.

I didnt hit my original goal of losing 10lbs by February 1st but, honestly, Im okay with it because I know that I made substantial progress. Or, as my father has always said to me, "Progress, not perfection." There's always next month.

Note to self : Keep this shit up, bitch. You're rocking & rolling!

I think I may start photographing myself at the beginning & end of each month so that I have some sort of visual comparison.

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