Saturday, January 14, 2012

Progress Report : Week #2

Weight last week : 227lbs.
Weight as of 1/14/12 : 225.2lbs.

Progress : Minus 1.8lbs.
Total weight loss so far : 5.6lbs.

Measurements last week:
Waist : 41 inches.
Hips : 44 inches.
Torso : 41.5 inches.

Current measurements (as of 1/14/12):
Waist : 40.8 inches.
Hips : 44 inches.
Torso : 41 inches.

Progress : Minus .2in in my waist & .5 inches in my torso.
Total inch loss so far : 2.2 inches.

I am BEYOND excited that Ive kept this going for two weeks straight. 5.6lbs in 2 weeks is amazing progress! Im very proud of myself & intend to keep kicking ass.

My mini goal for the month is to lose a total of 10lbs. Id say that it's very doable. If I do reach this goal, Im buying myself a piece or two of makeup to celebrate my victory.